At best, this is a documentary endeavor following my friends. It is quite simply a collection of images with the homies in our down time, family time, and the other times.  

When I’m asked to intellectualize it, I say in some ways this collection writes black males in America into the narrative of the family unit, generally, and fatherhood, specifically, as there is a perception as black men that we are neither present in nor a necessity to the family unit. And it’s important to note families are relative; in my community it has always bigger than blood. I’m an uncle to a lot of non-blood brothers and sisters’ kids. And I have four moms. So this is a representation and documentation of the family unit as I know it.

I hope my friends’ stories provide positive images to hang onto, since we don’t have many of them for public consumption. Similarly, the images are not overly romantic, understanding that life’s arc isn’t fair but is still very poetic.